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Talenkauen coming soon.  Probably Gasparinisaura and Macrogryphosaurus too.  Revisions of Notohypsilophodon and Anabisetia also in the works.  Long suffering WIPs of Bolong, Xuwulong, Lanzhousaurus, Agilisaurus, and the remaining psittacosaurs will probably make an appearance.

More life restorations too!

Any requests?
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Creative lull.

I thought I'd give an update as to the creative lull here, especially WRT skeletals.  Part of it is that I've just ended a period of unemployment and have much less free time, and part of it is that I've always been somewhat streaky when it comes to creating new skeletals, and they take a lot out of me.  I've got several in the WIP stage, but the final pen and ink stage is incredibly tedious and draining.  But more importantly, I don't want to do pen and ink reconstructions anymore.  My partner has photoshop installed on this computer, and I'd like to join the late 20th century and start using it to create skeletals.  My problem is that I have no idea how to do anything in the program.  Does anyone have any suggestions for tutorials specifically geared toward this task?

That being said, I've got the following on my plate as far as works in progress:
-Jinzhousaurus yangi
-Lanzhousaurus magnidens
-Xuwulong yueluni
-Bolong yixianensis
-Koreanosaurus boseongensis
-Thescelosaurus assiniboiensis
-Stenopelix valdensis
-Psittacosaurus mongoliensis
-Psittacosaurus neimongoliensis
-The Proctor Lake Ornithopod

I'd like to redo the following:
-Orodromeus makelai
-Lurdusaurus arenatus
-Altirhinus kurzanovi

And I'd like to try my hand at:
-Abrictosaurus consors
-Heterodontosaurus tucki
-Scutellosaurus lawleri
-Agilisaurus lauderbacki
-Hexinlusaurus multidens
-Othnielosaurus consors
-Hypsilophodon foxii
-Dryosaurus altus
-Dysalotosaurus letowvorbecki
-Muttaburrasaurus langdoni
-Tenontosaurus tilletti
-Gasparinisaura cincosaltensis
-Talenkauen santacrucensis
-Macrogryphosaurus gondwanicus

That's a lot of stuff, but certainly nothing close to the complete unillustrated Ornithischia.

And I wanna learn to paint in PS.

Plus, I wanna rebuild a character list and data matrix.  In the meantime, I may make an image in dendroscope that's a composite of what my matrix comes up with WRT ornithischian phylogeny, plus my personal hunches about ornithischian phylogeny.